Commercial Flooring

Are you looking for commercial flooring in Saltash and the surrounding areas? If so, visit us today! Here at The Little Carpet Centre, we have a huge range of flooring and contract carpets suitable for a range of commercial spaces. From offices and schools to restaurants and hotels, we have a variety of surface options for you to choose from. We understand how important it is for your flooring to give customers and visitors a great first impression of your business. Whether you need the application to be safe and hygienic, or you are looking for a carpet to match your business branding, we have the solution for you.

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Contract Carpets

We have contract carpets in a variety of designs, patterns and colours to complement your space. These carpets have a number of benefits for commercial areas as they are durable and hardwearing, meaning they can withstand heavy foot traffic. In addition, they are also easier to clean than regular carpets, so they will look newer for longer!

These carpets are designed to last in a range of environments, and our range combines both quality and practicality, so you never have to compromise on style. From bright, block colours and patterns to minimal, neutral designs, we will have something to suit your preferences.

Hygienic Flooring

For many spaces, safety and hygiene is a top priority. We can supply and fit flooring for a range of spaces including:

  • Schools
  • Healthcare settings
  • Restaurants, bars and cafes
  • Commercial kitchens and bathrooms


Areas like kitchens and bathrooms need safe and easy to clean floors as they are exposed to water, food and other contaminants. They need to be regularly sanitised so your business can ensure a clean environment. In addition, we have a range of non-slip flooring so accidents can be avoided.

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